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Professional Qualifications

A professional qualification or licence to practice gives an assurance of quality, providing evidence that a professional has earned the right to practice in their chosen field. It gives independent confirmation of competence and improves confidence within a sector or industry.

For example, you might be seeking to create a new qualification, more specific to a particular role where the existing provision is too broad, or perhaps a short more focused micro credential that can evidence competency in a particular niche or new area.

At Kaplan Assessments, we can partner with you to design, develop and deliver an industry-specific, professional qualification with a real-life focus. Tailored to the skills, knowledge and attitudes your workforce needs to perform effectively within their professional sector, we contextualise our tailored qualifications within the workplace itself.

We can endorse training and assessment programmes, providing regulatory oversight with a nationally recognised qualification lifting its value in the profession. With a focus on practical skills application, we recognise the key role that qualifications play in raising the day-to-day standards within a particular career sector or industry. We also champion the positive impact that this demonstration of ability has, not only by securing trust in your workforce, but in offering opportunities for professional development and improving a candidate's career prospects.

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