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Professional Assessments

For professionals you can have confidence in.

Measuring the competence and real-life capabilities of a workforce, particularly in relation to high-risk, specialist professions that require a unique skillset and knowledge base, should be essential. If you’re looking to drive the standards within your industry or organisation, we have the expertise to help you to design, develop and deliver tailored assessments that meet the key quality indicators you require.

Our flexible approach means we can support you with a tailored solution for your assessment needs. This could be as part of a wider qualification offered by Kaplan Assessments, or as a standalone assessment.

We've over 60 years combined experience in all aspects of assessment, anything from a micro credential or badge, through to high-stakes professional assessments across medical, legal and other professional services sectors.

We focus on the real-life application of industry-specific assessments, aiming to identify key gaps within professional roles and encourage professional development. A formal certificate of achievement is not only a measurement of competence and a demonstration of commitment but it enables candidates to unlock their potential and improve their career prospects.

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