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Corporate responsibility

At Kaplan Assessments, our services and corporate responsibilities go hand-in-hand. As one, we are committed to making a positive and sustainable difference to our clients, candidates, staff, communities and environment.

Our environmental commitment

As a company, we cannot achieve our goal of providing impactful and accessible professional development unless we look after our environment. Acting now will enable us to look ahead to a brighter future for all.

How is this achieved?

Kaplan Assessments has launched several initiatives. From cutting down our energy usage to designing a comprehensive recycling and waste management scheme, our environmental efforts reach every aspect of the business.

Our progress so far

25% reduction

in energy use

By encouraging equipment to be turned off when not in use, we were able to save a considerable amount of energy (and that was within just one year).

64.35 tonnes

of paper recycled each year

Thanks to our recycling scheme, 320,000 toilet rolls have been created from recycled paper and books.


landfill rate

Where waste management is controlled, we are proud to report that none of our waste is dumped on landfill sites.

Our social responsibility

Building positive relationships is fundamental to the success of our tailored professional solutions. As a qualifications provider, Kaplan Assessments has a responsibility to support candidate well-being and prioritise accessibility. Because regardless of background or circumstance, every professional should have the opportunity to succeed.

How is this achieved?

Kaplan Assessments aims to promote equality and diversity, and protect people’s rights, at every stage of our process. As a company, we are GDPR compliant and regularly review our terms and conditions to ensure your consumer rights are reflected.

And, thanks to our unique approach, we are able to continuously broaden development opportunities for both candidates and staff.

Taking our social responsibility one step further

As our community continues to grow, it is our duty to raise awareness of all aspects of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), as well as encouraging and empowering our colleagues to share their expertise.

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Our corporate governance

Strong governance underpins the framework of Kaplan Assessments: a purpose-led, integrated company that acts with integrity, accountability and transparency.

How is this achieved?

Kaplan Assessments is managed in the best interest of all of our stakeholders, with each strategy, activity, or development being held to the highest ethical standards.

From our management structure to our employee relations, we strive to ensure that every voice is heard. Simply put, we want Kaplan Assessments to be a great place to work - where every individual is recognised for the contribution they make to our success.

Kaplan Assessments is quality assured

We understand and comply with all our regulatory requirements, following strict processes, putting risk management procedures in place and seeking the support of external experts where required.

Kaplan Assessments partners with and is accredited by regulatory bodies, our Awarding body and professional Institutes:

Through Kaplan Professional Awards, we are able to provide Ofqual accredited qualifications that align with industry standards.

Kaplan Assessments is a proud member of Cognassist Neuro-inclusion Charter.

Cognassist Neuro-inclusion certified logo

Disclaimer: Details about our corporate responsibility can also be found on the Kaplan UK website.